Excellent for dry hair! An extra rich and emollient blend of Shea butter, 
natural refined oils and wholesome hair vitamins.

Nature's HAIR BUTTER adds just the right amount of elasticity and moisturizing agents into dry, brittle hair and makes hair styling easier as it silkens the hair and imparts a great shine. It works well on natural, heat-treated, relaxed or processed hair.

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Click to enlargeNatural Elegance Liquid Protein 16ozAs a strengthener, it acts as a buffer from harmful heat styling processes such as blow drying and hot curling, adds body, improves luster, gives hair a really healthy look and better manageability. It replaces protein lost from damaged hair.

Click to enlargeNatural elegance Instructional VideoStep-by-step details on how to start and retwist locs. This instructional video by Stacy Pelham, Natural Hair Care Specialist of Diva Kutz, will personally walk you through, detailing step-by-step, how to Retwist Dredlocs. This instructional video is also available on DVD.

Click to enlargeNatural Elegance reconstructive scalp treatmentDesigned and formulated to infuse vital nutrients natural moisturizing and hair repairing agents deep into the cortex of the hair shaft. The hair is reconstructed from the inside out with added elasticity and strength to the fibers.

Click to enlargeNatural Elegance Moisturizing Shampoo 8ozFromulated to be used on virgin, treated or badly damaged hair because of its mildness and pronounced conditioning effects. The conditioning effects are evident by the ease of compatabilty, smoothness, increased volume and bounce. The hair looks shiny and has a silky touch.

Click to enlargeNatural Elegance Moisturizing Hairdress 4ozThis light moisture-laden formula is free of harsh chemicals and can be used by the entire family. It provides hair and scalp with effective penetrating vitamins, minerals, proteins and nature's herrbs to restore and maintain a healthy scalp and hair while encourageing hair growth.

Click to enlargeNatural Elegance Maximum Growth Scalp Treatment 8ozContains effective natural ingredients necessary to stimulate and maximize hair growth. Natural herbal formula infused with appropriate amounts of vitamins nurtures even the most badly damaged or emotionally stressed hair. Helps to restore hair texture and health to the hair without compromising other styling aids.

Click to enlargeNatural Elegance Stop Itch 2oz.A special non-greasy formula that stops scalp itch on contact and will not revert thermal hair (hot comb). It also fights dandruff when used regularly.

Click to enlargeNatural Elegance Shimmering Loc Spray 8ozAdds shine while nurturing hair growth. Formulated for Locks and maintaining natural hair styles. Each ingredient works togther simultaniously to hydrate every strand and impart a silky feel to the hair. The blend of herbal extract adds resilience and sheen shile encouraging hair growth and sealing in moisture and gives health and radiance!

Click to enlargeNatural Elegance Super Penetrating Conditioner 16ozA deep moisturizing conditioner for relaxed or permed hair. Special reconstuctive agents repair damaged hair while imparting softness, bounce and vitality.

Click to enlargeNatural Elegance Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 8ozRelieves the flaking and itching symptoms of dandruff from one use to the next. Effective cleansing and conditioning agents cleanse the hair and give it styling manageability.

Click to enlargeNatural Elegance Lock Up 4ozA product for locks, braids and twists. Excellent holding and molding properties and keeps natural styles silky, smooth and lubricated. Natural moisturizing oils provide healthy long lasting sheen, and prevents daily buildup or hardening like bee's wax. Does not flake or dry out the hair like gel.

NATURAL ELEGANCE NATURAL ELEGANCE NATURAL ELEGANCE the maker of all-natural hair care products formulated to promote healthy vibrant hair. These products work well on natural, heat-treated, relaxed or processed hair and eliminate the harmful effects of stress, tension and nutritional deficiencies.

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